Business Credit Building Platform

Activate Your Client's Business Credit Building System

As a Super Affiliate you have the unique opportunity to get wholesale pricing for every Business Credit Building System you activate. Each system you activate has a unique USER ID & PASSWORD which is used to login to each of your client’s business credit building platforms.

Once you login to a new client’s system you are able to register the client’s company information and begin the business credit building process. All your activity is tracked and recorded in each system enabling you to easily manage and monitor each client’s progress. This also allows you to provide access to your client at your discretion so they can see all the work and progress being done for their business.

Your system also includes unlimited support from our team of business credit and funding experts via the Support Ticket System located within each platform. Any questions or guidance you may need on a particular client is available at your fingertips.

Client Platform Activation

Select Client Activation
Enter Super Affiliate ID

Our proven Business Credit Building System provides the platform and support you need to successfully coach clients in building creditworthy businesses.


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