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No Warranties

Due to the fluid and ever changing nature of the information provided by companies that are listed as funding sources, vendors, or credit providers that register with us as having business capital to place or credit to extend, BusinessCreditAffiliate.com attempts to verify the information and maintain it in an up to date manner. However, BusinessCreditAffiliate.com neither offers nor provides any warranty to the information provided.

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Capital Search Disclaimer

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Users understand, acknowledge, and agree that BusinessCreditAffiliate.com takes no part in the funding decision making process. Business Credit Building Users are advised not to advance any fee or to enter into any contractual agreement with any Users representing themselves to be Funding Sources prior to consulting an attorney.

Funding Source User Disclaimer

BusinessCreditAffiliate.com reserves the right to exclude or suspend from BusinessCreditAffiliate.com those Users representing themselves to be Funding Sources for whatever reason deemed necessary to protect its; Interests, Users, Members, and Partners.

Usage Agreement

The User hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless BusinessCreditAffiliate.com and all of its officers, directors and shareholders from any and all liability that may result from the use of the BusinessCreditAffiliate.com website. BusinessCreditAffiliate.com will retain no liability or responsibility in regards to any dealings that may occur between those Users searching for capital and those Users holding themselves out to be Funding Sources. Users are hereby informed that BusinessCreditAffiliate.com does not perform a background search or due diligence check on any of its Users. Users are hereby warned to take precautions when entering into any business relationship and instructed to perform their own reasonable due diligence.

No Refund Policy

This No Refund Policy applies to payments for super affiliate program designation status. All payments are governed by our Terms and Conditions.

You understand that once we provide the super affiliate opportunity to you our fees are Non-Refundable. Fees are not dependent upon results and no specific income outcome may be promised.

Our funding programs work directly with banks, credit unions, business lenders, private lenders, and our own direct lending to obtain the best terms possible for each of our clients. We can help your clients access the capital they need to start, grow and expand their businesses.